Giving respect

During our travel we have been welcomed by many, many people. So many people have given us so much.

People took us into their house, gave us tea, paid for our groceries, gave us a place to sleep, gave us food, gave us impressive insights, gave us directions, brought us to train/bus stations, spent hours helping us and all without expecting anything in return.

The only thing we could actually offer was respect and gratitude.

In this spirit we also did our best to offer what is in our ability to other people we met along the way.

A few examples:
 Nepali Organic Coffee: we stayed at a family in Nepal at Begnas lake, near Pokhara. They grow organic coffee and they stimulate farmers around them to also grow and sell organic coffee. Their dream was to export their coffee and to grow their business. We wanted to help them and went on a tour around Pokhara to promote their delicious coffee to bar and restaurant owners. We also created a website for them, smell the good coffee at

 Fusion: in India we met a really nice guy (Bale) who worked as waiter/manager in a yoga retreat center. His dream was to start his own beach bar, so we helped him with a business plan and  with funding, now he has opened his own restaurant.

 Tuc-Tuc: as we visited the magical temples of Angkor in Cambodia, we met a very kind and intelligent tuc-tuc driver who showed us also his life. His tuc-tuc was owned by the hotel and after a good conversation we found out that his dream was to have his own tuc-tuc so he could start his own business and save money to support his family. We decided to help him and supported him in buying a tuc-tuc. If you go to Siem Reap in Cambodia, make sure you ask Sokun to be your tuc-tuc driver!

 Education: We support some children in Nepal to go to primary and secondary school.

 Story telling: we feel that we are very lucky to be able to do this kind of travel for such a long time, we understand there are many people who do not have the ability to do this for various reasons. We feel it is a matter of respect to share our experiences so our family, friends, colleagues and strangers can also travel along a bit. That’s why we record our impressions in a weblog (in Dutch) and via this website.


These are some of the ways we are giving back a bit.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our journey and/or our way of traveling. Or to give lectures... ;-)